Our Winning Team

GIL-CSC sees strategic consulting as a profession requiring specialization and longstanding experience and combines abilities from a wide range of managerial disciplines. Furthermore, we believe that strategy is both an art and a demanding craft – and therefore, strategic planning is a  challenging process that requires our full attention and the continuous refinement of our skills.

Accordingly, the company’s partners and team of consultants view the field of strategic consulting as their professional mission. 

Lasting relationships yield better results – Real results are achieved through committed and ongoing teamwork with a client. Therefore, building a solid, long-term relationship with a company is preferable to a brief liaison. This is the driving force in GIL-CSC approach to building a satisfied clientele
Our lasting relationship is supported by our accumulated abilities and experience, and is reinforced by close cooperation with international consulting bodies such as:
  • BDO International: Accountancy and financial consultancy group rated fifth in the world
  • Adventity: One of the world’s leading market research companies, with an extensive global presence in five continents
These work relations are reflected in the company’s:
  • Maximum availability.
  • Direct, open lines of communication.
  • Entrepreneurship and creativity with clients, while strictly adhering to timeframes and work models, and holding meetings throughout the duration of the project.
  • Provision of continued business support and guidance to the client in tackling its various needs in order to implement the strategy.
  • Development of a business consulting continuum in collaboration with complementary business consulting entities.     
The team members come from the group’s senior managerial staff and, as mentioned, are highly experienced in a wide range of fields and sectors.

GIL-CSC: The Company’s Lead Team:

Hagai Gil, Managing Partner
Avi Levy, Managing Partner
Hadas Epstein, Managing Partner
Yifat Folkman, Managing Partner
Philippe Sitbon, Partner
Gideon Maor, Partner


Global Network

GIL-CSC has a vast experience in conducting project in an international scope.
As a member of the BDO International Group, GIL-CSC enjoys access to international sources of information and a global network of business connections in 110 countries. Furthermore, the exclusive connection GIL-CSC has with Adventity, a world-class global research firm, empowers GIL-CSC to tailor fine-tune its market research.