Who We Are

GIL-CSC is a leading Israeli strategy consulting firm, formulating business strategies that are guaranteed to add value to its customers. The company is the result of the merger of two of Israel’s leading strategic consulting companies:

GIL, founded in 1986, and CSC, founded in 1987. 

Having managed over 500 different strategic projects in practically every sector: technology, industrial goods, consumer goods, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and chemistry, the public sector, and non-profit organizations, GIL-CSC offers extensive business acumen, experience, and skills.

Leveraging global information resources and integrating complementary services are the cornerstones of the GIL-CSC merger and the  joint activity with the BDO Consulting group..
GIL-CSC, using the BDO group’s infrastructures, offers clients comprehensive solutions in  strategy, financing, and marketing.

Global Network

GIL-CSC has a vast experience in conducting projects in an international scope.
As a member of the BDO International Group, GIL-CSC enjoys access to international sources of information and a global network of business connections in 110 countries. Furthermore, the exclusive connection GIL-CSC has with Adventity, a world-class global research firm, empowers GIL-CSC to tailor fine-tune its market research.