Classical Strategy

GIL - CSC's Strategic Orientation Round (SOR) is a multi-tiered, collaborative process that involves a comprehensive analysis of the internal and external environments in which an organization operates. By identifying and evaluating the relative strengths, weaknesses, and strategic gaps in the scenario that emerges, we formulate viable strategic options that our client can implement

The classical strategy model is a process based on the four key stages in strategy planning

Internal Analysis of the client

  • GIL-CSC performs an in-depth analysis of the current status of the company, including its managerial structure, personnel, and core data that our consultants obtain from the client. When necessary, we conduct further research to generate data that are not readily available in the company.
  • We interview a large number of people to get to know the company well, both quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • We present our findings and insights, explaining their implications.
Environmental Analysis of the client
  • We perform an in-depth analysis of the current status of the company, in terms of its market position, trends, benchmarks, and competition.
  • In addition to interviewing company executives, our consultants speak with people outside the company. We locate pertinent material and research studies, and then crosscheck our observations with the objective picture. Finally, we present our findings, analyses, and conclusions to the company’s executives as a benchmark. By analyzing the company's external environment, we are able to identify and challenge paradigms that may be detrimental to the company.
  • Having integrated the internal and external data processed in the first two stages, we create a set of viable alternatives for the client. We then lead interactive workshops helping the company's management confront business dilemmas. Discussing the alternatives is a crucial phase in transforming management and empowering it to make the right decisions.
  • Finally, we create set of recommendations for action and implementation. When formulating our recommendations, we not only use insights from this process, but also leverage our vast experiences with similar business situations.

International Market Researches

GIL-CSC, throughout its membership in BDO consulting group, has a close cooperation with Adventity, a leading international research company with branches in five continents and dozens of countries.

This cooperation allows an access to instantly available, highly beneficial information resources, granting GIL-CSC a substantive competitive advantage.