BMFO – Building Market Focused Organization

The purpose of the process

  • Segmenting the market by end-benefits differs from traditional marketing studies in that the market is segmented according to social-demographic attributes.
  • Segments are profiled and organized according to their similarities and differences.
  • The BMFO process emphasizes not only what strategies will raise value for a segment, but also what actions are unnecessary, thus minimizing customer dissatisfaction and maximizing company savings.
Competitive benefits of the BMFO process
  • It is highly difficult for competitors to understand and, subsequently, imitate the process.
  • For each segment a value proposition that maximize the most important end benefits
  • The customer Ready to pay the price attached to value
  • Bring Loyalty
Deliverables of the process
  • Strategic insight
  • Strategic prioritization of segments
  • Prioritized programs and initiatives
  • Process aligned with organization to deliver the priority end-benefits
  • True customer partnerships
The process


BMFO is a unique and powerful tool, which was developed and mastered in the U.S and practiced by GIL-CSC at Israel with a great success.


International Market Researches

GIL-CSC, throughout its membership in BDO consulting group, has a close cooperation with Adventity, a leading international research company with branches in five continents and dozens of countries.

This cooperation allows an access to instantly available, highly beneficial information resources, granting GIL-CSC a substantive competitive advantage.