BSC – Balance Score Card

The purpose of the process
  • Create a system that enables the firm to implement its strategy over time.
  • Translate strategy into clear targets, measurements, actions, and objectives.
  • What is meant by "Balance"?
    • Balance among financial indicators of key internal processes, market indicators, customer indicators, and moral indicators.
    • Balance between lagging indicators (profits over the last five years) and leading indicators (customer satisfaction and employee turnover).
    • Balance between quantitative and qualitative measures.
Competitive benefits of the process
  • BSC enables the company view "panel of clocks" and consider following questions:
    • Are we headed in the right strategic direction?
    • What approaches and methodologies do we need to correct?
    • Is there a clear connection between processes and results?
    • Should we reconsider our strategy?
  • As a result of the BSC process, the company identifies problems, corrects approaches, and implements strategy faster.
Deliverables of the process
  • Identify key gaps in strategic information.
  • Drive business planning and activity to implement successful strategy.
  • Provide basis for reallocation of funds and resources.
  • Tools for communication among and synchronization of all company levels and functions.
  • Toll for feedback, reward, and motivation.



Like BMFO, the BSC methodology was originally mastered in the US, and has been implemented by GIL-CSC in Israel with a great success

International Market Researches

GIL-CSC, throughout its membership in BDO consulting group, has a close cooperation with Adventity, a leading international research company with branches in five continents and dozens of countries.

This cooperation allows an access to instantly available, highly beneficial information resources, granting GIL-CSC a substantive competitive advantage.