Corporate Strategy

A corporate strategy is a set of management decisions - designed by executives, the board, senior management team or whoever are the final decision makers in the organization. Corporate strategy deals with the overall purpose and scope of the business to meet stakeholder expectations. it acts to guide strategic decision-making throughout the company.

At GIL-CSC we are dealing with:

  • Examination of the current and anticipated factors associated with customers and competitors (external environment) and the firm itself.
  • envisioning a new or effective role for the firm in a creative manner.
  • Aligning policies, practices, and resources to realize that vision.

International Market Researches

GIL-CSC, throughout its membership in BDO consulting group, has a close cooperation with Adventity, a leading international research company with branches in five continents and dozens of countries.

This cooperation allows an access to instantly available, highly beneficial information resources, granting GIL-CSC a substantive competitive advantage.