Who are we looking for?

GIL-CSC seeks exceptional individuals interested in the strategic planning and management consulting. GIL-CSC provides the opportunity for aspiring consultants to realize their professional growth potential in a dynamic and challenging work environment.

We look for highly motivated individuals meeting the following criteria:

  • B.A./M.A  in financial related fields
  • Natural analytical skills, creativity, good writing and people skills
  • Strong inclination to be involved in the formulation of top-level, business management decisions
  • Desire to study the tools/methods for analyzing corporations and market sectors
  • Excellent English language reading and writing skills
  • Total familiarity with word processing/spreadsheet programs
  • Basic understanding of financial statements – an advantage




In addition to the traditional strategy methods, GIL-CSC developed unique strategy tools which allow us to customize the process type and capacity to the customer's exact needs.

To fulfill our customer's needs, we use various tools like Strategic Orientation Round (SOR), Intensive strategic planning (ISP), Balance score card (BSC) and building market focused organization (BMFO)